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Thu 26/5


Preveza Philharmonic Orchestra "Orpheus"


Fri 27/5

Gego's beat 2.jfif



Fri 27/5


Jazz Music School


Fri 27/5


Noizy Few


Fri 27/5




Fri 27/5




Sa 27/5

KSQ-1 door Felt Cute Photo.jpg

Kika Sprangers Quintet


Sat 28/5

_JRO1149 (13x13).jpg

Karin Hammar Fab4


Sun 29/5


Nikos Portokaloglou


Sun 29/5

THURSDAY 26 MAY 2022, 21.00

Seaside pedestrian street


Miriam HUFNAGL: lead voc

Thomas GIEFERL: drums, voc

Andreas HÄUSERER: guitar, bass

Veronika STERRER: keys, voc

Matthias ZEINDLHOFER : trombone, percussion

Roman JAGL: sound, TM

"The most impressive songs usually reflect life experiences, and AVEC demonstrates that. That the young Austrian artist writes from the heart becomes clear in every verse and every refrain."                                                                                                           (Eurosonic Norderslaag Festival, Red.)The best songs are often based on the best stories. And they are true at best: since AVEC's first EP "Heartbeats" was released in 2015, the young Austrian musician, by her skills, has been shaking up well the image of what we thought we knew about deeply honest pop music.  To describe songs, intentions, artists is not an easy matter. Yet with AVEC it is: music is always at its best when it is not born out of wanting, but out of having to..

With the support of the Austrian Embassy in the framework of the Austrian Greek Music Summer 2022!

FRIDAY 27 MAY 2022, 21.00


Preveza Philharmonic Orchestra "Orpheus"


The Philharmonic Orchestra "Orpheus" of Preveza celebrates 102 years (1920-2022) since its foundation and the 20 years of the Preveza Jazz Festival, filling the alleys of Preveza with its sounds


Georgios Georgiou

Alexandros Galazios, Sofia Exarchou, Apostolis Panou

Alkis Galanis, Christos Petalis, Elias Skaltsogiannis

Dimitris Sotiriou, Marilena Trombouki, Angeliki Plakoutsi

Rafaela Moloni, Lydia Drimtsa, Iro Boziou

Nefeli Pavlou, Eliza Gontzou, Ariadne Vasilaki

Krotalarta (2006) which means rattlesnakes from Arta, is a large group that believes that percussion alone can create music.







The Jazz Ensemble of the Music School of Preveza


Papamichael-Pappa Androniki: Tenor Saxophone

Koronaios Christos: Electric Bass

Sakkas Miltos: Drums

Responsible Professor: Christou Balaouras: Electric Guitar















Noizy Few

Eugenia Oikonomou: Voice

Nikolas Mitsios: keys

Odysseas Kounadis: drums


A jazz-blues youth band from Ichotropio















Eugenia Oikonomou: Voice

Eleni Riga: keys

Silia Papastavrou: flute

Inna Tsolka: percussion


A group of young women with Greek lyrics from Ichotropio







SATURDAY  28 MAY 2022, 21.00


Spyros Gatos: piano
Konstantinos Vidalis: bouzouki
Achilles Makrakis: guitar


Gypseons is a Gypsy Jazz trio based in Corfu.









Kika Sprangers Quintet

Kika Sprangers: Soprano and alto saxophone 

Anna Serierse: Vocals 

Koen Schalkwijk: Piano and wurlitzer 

Alessandro Fongaro: Double bass 

Willem Romers : Drums 

Saxophonist and composer Kika Sprangers (1994) her music balances on a fine line between a person’s vulnerability and strength. A vision to combine the two, shared musically through a love for unorthodox instrumentation and tension arcs meant for symphonic passages or a heavy silence. Her new quintet album Mind’s Eye is an ode to imagination.

With the Kika Sprangers Quintet they seamlessly blend wordless vocals (Anna Serierse) with saxophone, supported by a rich, dynamic rhythm section. Colouring Kika’s narrative compositions, intentionally unstructured and unexpected, pulling at the audience’s anticipations. Her style automatically and deceptively drags you along, yet remains unpredictable. Jazz music that sweeps from silence to symphonic proportions without resulting in kitschy cliches. 

With the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Greece



SUNDAY  29 MAY 2022, 21.00

Karin Hammar Fab4

Karin Hammar: trombone    
Andreas Hourdakis: guitar    
Niklas Fernqvist: bass    
Fredrik Rundqvist : drums  


Karin Hammar Fab 4 has existed since 2014. The group´s first CD ”Imprints” (Red Horn Records) was released 2016 and was warmly welcomed by the critics in Sweden, In 2018, the second CD ”Circles” (Prophone/Naxos) was released and has been receiving very positive response from international jazz press such as American Down Beat, German Jazz Thing and Austrian Concerto.
In 2020, the group released their latest CD ”Strings Attached” - a collaboration with a harmonica soloist from Paris - Olivier Ker Ourio - and a string quartet.The CD got overwhelming reviews in German press.
Karin Hammar uses guitar as the harmonic ”generator” which creates an open group sound, close to both bossa nova and blues but always with the lyrical, melodical jazz as musical compass.
The guitar is played by the masterful Andreas Hourdakis and the rest of the rhythm section consists of Niklas Fernqvist (bass) and Fredrik Rundqvist (drums) who often appears in some of Sweden’s most internationally claimed groups. 

With the support of the Swedish Institute in Athens 

Nikos Portokaloglou "A light on"


Nikos Portokaloglou: Voice, guitar
Vicky Karatzoglou: Voice
Byron Tsourapis: Bass, mandolin, accordion, voice
Thanasis Tsakirakis: Drums
Elias Lambropoulos: Violin, bouzouki, trumpet, bagpipe, voice
Christos Papadopoulos: Clarinet, saxophone, flutes, voice
Katerina Liaki: Keys, voice


Nikos Portokaloglou, one of the leading musicians and songwriters of our country, sets up this summer, a musical performance based on his most favorite songs but also on bold combinations of Greek and foreign emblematic songs in the special way he does on his TV show , the "Music Box".

With him, Vicky Karatzoglou, one of the newest recognizable genuine voices, has already charted a special course in the Greek music scene.

Nikos' constant companion, the incomparable Byron Tsourapis, a young songwriter and member of the "Music Box" band.

The great melodic company is completed by the colorful and dynamic band, the "Noble Bums". A festive show, an antidote to the difficult times we are going through.

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