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Month of Sundays
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Things I can't ontrol
A Tribute to Leonard Cohen_ Greece
Yiasena _Greece/Turkey
Dimitra Galani Trio

FRIDAY 31 MAY 2019

Month of Sundays_Austria

Alexander Kranabetter (horns), Philipp Harnisch (alto saxophone), Ivo Fina (guitar),  Johannes Wakolbinger (drums)

Month of Sundays, founded in Vienna in the spring of 2013, has been following ever since the objective of creating contemporary chamber music. In their songs, they strive for a high level of
details and put the focus on a well-considered coordination of musical content with its form, spanning the scope from minimal music, post rock and jazz.

“In the forefront of their music is an aesthetic which generates a
mysterious sound and atmosphere rather than simply a showy
style. Through reduction and repetition Philipp Harnisch,
Alexander Kranabetter, Ivo Fina and Johannes Wakolbinger
come together to generate a sound which is low-key, quirky and hopeful.”
Jazz Fest Wien


Filip Jers Quartet _Sweden 

Filip Jers (harmonica), Henrik Hallberg (guitar), Vilhelm Bromander (double bass), Wille Alin (drums)

Filip Jers Quartet - Swedish harmonica sensation
Filip Jers Quartet has refined the idea of a meeting between jazz and traditional folk music and applied it to a contemporary jazz ensemble where the harmonica plays the lead role. The results have attracted attention from jazz festivals and jazz clubs at both national and international level. If the quartet in their critically acclaimed debut CD Filip Jers Quartet took inspiration from Toots Thielemans they are now moving towards the strong tradition of Nordic Jazz, following the path of
Swedish jazz legend and pianist Jan Johansson, among others. On stage, they show a playfulness and virtuosity that rarely leave anyone unaffected. 
Spring 2014 Swedish television broadcasted a documentary about Filip Jers, where the quartet had a prominent role. Their music has also been played frequently on Swedish radio.

”Colourful and imaginative jazz music” - Orkesterjournalen
”Jazz legend and harmonica player Toots Thielemans, 91 years old, is still active and giving concerts. When he retires he can feel safe that Filip Jers will continue his legacy.” – Nerikes Allehanda
”The responsive interplay of the quartet is full of trust, almost as if they anticipate each others thoughts and musical impulses.” – Kristianstadsbladet


Septeto Internacional  _Switzerland

Juan Munguia (trumpet), Lolo Garcia (alto saxophone), Michael Joussein (trombone), Michael Fleiner (leader, piano & compositions), Dudu Penz (e. bass), Daniel Bagutti (drums), Stéphane Joerg „El Niño“ (congas), Jonas Macullo (sound engineer)

Septeto Internacional is a unique combo of seven musicians from Europe and Cuba.The repertoire consists entirely of original compositions in the afro-caribbean and latin jazz styles. It is music for the ears as well as the legs, for music lovers and dancers alike, performed by three wind instrumentalists and an explosive rhythm section.
The bandleader and composer, Michael Fleiner, is always searching in his compositions for interesting ideas from different styles to develop latin jazz and afro carribean music and to give it a personal touch. In his music you can find jazz harmony as well as contemporary rhythm concepts, traditional and modern latin music, or even ideas from serial and dodecaphonic music. These very different elements are always packed in a hot and spicy latin groove.
The Septeto Internacional has already performed in Europe as well as in Cuba, where the band was invited to present its music at the international Jazz Festival “Jazz Plaza”.Don’t miss the occasion to hear and see this extraordinarily exciting band with excellent musicians coming from five different countries.




Ernie Hammes_Luxembourg

Ernie Hammes (trumpet), David Ascani (saxes), Pierre-Alain Goualch (piano), Boris Schmidt (bass), Niels Engel (drums)

Ernie Hammes is a Luxembourger trumpet virtuoso, arranger, composer, and big band director who is prolific in both jazz an and classical idioms. Flugelhorn/trumpet player Ernie Hammes has many sides to his creativity, which is an extension of the music and the musicians who have made an impact on him. In 1997, Ernie received the “DOWNBEAT Student Music Award” for jazz ensemble and big band and in 2008 was nominee for the Eruodjango awards in the category 'Masters of Jazz'.


Ernie recorded 6 CD’s under his own name and can be heard as a sideman on over 35 recordings in various music genres. Hammes is not only a prolific recording artist but also an experienced live performer. Ernie performed as sideman or soloist in over 25 countries worldwide with a.o. Chaka Khan, Maynard Ferguson & Big Bop Nouveau, the Dizzy Gillespie All Star Big Band, the Duke Ellington Orchestra, Slide Hampton, Randy Brecker, Claudio Roditi and Bob Mintzer. “Retour A Goree”, a documentary/musical dvd about jazz and slavery, released in june 2007, features Ernie amongst African singer Youssou N’Dour. Each year has brought Ernie Hammes closer to where he wanted to be, from being the principal trumpet player in the Luxembourg Army Band to leading a big band in 1994, becoming the musical director of the Luxembourg Jazz Orchestra as well as working on music projects with such notable luminaries as Bob Mintzer, Dave Liebman, and Frank Nimsgern.  Since 2012, he is touring all around the world together with Amina Figarova and as of 2013, Hammes is the only European known to have been a member of the Duke Ellington Orchestra from any era.

Things I Can’t Control _Netherlands

Marzio Scholten (guitar), Mathijs Leeuwis (pedal steel), Jimmi Hueting (drums/fx/synths)

With their feet in the mud and their heads in the clouds: this Dutch band will blow your mind. Their joint love for earthly harmonies and sounds drawn from roots music and indie rock are elevated into their own universe. 

Organic and warm and at the same time as unpredictable as the weather. The characteristic sounds of Marzio Scholten’s Telecaster, the soundscapes of Mathijs Leeuwis’ pedal steel and the rolling thunder of Jimmi Hueting’s drums make for adventurous, inspired music with a unique signature. Songs, improvisations, soundscapes and chaos! 

A Tribute to Leonard Cohen_ Greece

Nalyssa Green (vocals), Sugahspank!  (vocals), Lou is (vocals), Adonis Gulielmos (guitar), Seraphim Bellos (drums) 

A musical tribute to Leonard Cohen. A live music partnership devoted to his music and work. Three young singers with very different backgrounds but with the common need the quest and common feature the courage, interpret the songs he sealed himself with his characteristic deep voice, with the accompaniment of three outstanding musicians.
Nalyssa Green, Sugahspank! and Lou is take us with us their distinct voices in the wonderful universe of Leonard Cohen. Cohen is a unique artist case. Poet, musician, teacher and student shared his thoughts and his life through simple melodies and a deep "divine" golden voice. Charming, polite and essential as his songs, Leonard lived a full life. His love for life and human nature with its weaknesses is evident in his music, while humor and melancholy, the journey and the destination, body and spirit are duplexes that coexist harmoniously in his work.
The fragile innocence of Nalyssa Green, the deeply expressive voice of Sugahspank! and Lou's cultivated and flexible voice, framed by the drummer Seraphim Bello, the conductor George Delli on the keys, and the laconically melodic Adonis Gulielmos in the guitar (Swing Shoes) meet on stage and create one unique live partnership in honor of the great Leonard Cohen.


Yiasena _United Kingdom

Sofia Roubati (alto saxophone), Alex Dmochowski (tenor saxophone), Özenç Duzenli (guitar), Jonny Wickham (bass),  Jonny Pyke (drums)

Yiasena is a quintet from London co-led by Ozenç Duzenli and Sofia Roubati, who brings together sounds from Turkey, Greece, Azerbaijan, Armenia and other countries that are musically and culturally related. The two co-leaders come from different backgrounds,Sofia has studied classical, jazz, byzantine and Greek traditional music.Whereas Ozenç has roots in blues, jazz and Turkish traditional music. They take all these influences and experiences, combine them and present the results through the idiom of jazz and creative improvised music. This leads to new compositions and arrangements of a variety of traditional tunes. Yiasena it is a combination of the Greek words yia meaning ‘for’ and sena meaning ‘you’,  their music is “For You” - their audience and they hope you will find your own truth in their music. 

Dimitra Galani Trio _Greece

Dimitra Galani (vocals), Thomas Konstantinou (oud and other traditional instruments), Spiros Manesis (piano)​

Great performer Dimitra Galani meets two of the best musicians of the new generation of the Greek music scene. Thomas Konstantinou, a great master in the oud and traditional instruments, and the outstanding jazz pianist Spyros Manes. Together, they make a show that embraces the audience, with songs influenced from both, East and West. Two representative bodies represent each "School". The oud and the piano. And in the middle, as a link, the charismatic voice of Dimitra Galani. A performer who balances consciously for many years now, her voice between two cultures, with respect to memory, confidence in the talents of young people and a sense of measure.

The show, presented by the three of them, "bridges" the contrasts of these two musical worlds, which although they seem to be at a distance, was always close by exchanging elements and ideas. In the way of music, Galanis and the talented musicians who accompany her singularly show differences and similarities, and illuminate the common path on which Art travels. The songs they have selected are favorite songs of high durability in time that they present in a different way. Songs that embrace the audience.

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