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Preveza is situated at the entrance to the Amvrakikos Gulf and surrounded by ancient olive groves and the Ionian Sea. Walking through the narrow streets in and surrounding the central marketplace, the visitor can admire the architecture of traditional Preveza houses and the splendid clock tower (1756). Wandering the streets you will also come across the bust of the poet of the mid-war period Kostandinos Kariotakis. Cycling round the outskirts of town, the visitor can take in the castles and bastions, memorials of the Enetik and Turkish occupation. 


Preveza is a charming town on the Ionian sea whose present day name was used for the first time at the end of the 13th century. The town's distinctive warm sunny climate, lush green landscape and stretches of wide sandy beaches of the Ionian sea, set it apart as an ideal place to holiday. Visitors can enjoy traditional Greek dishes and local specialties made in any of the highly recommendable taverns found in the enchanting sidestreets of the town. Accommodation can be easily found in the wide range of rooms to let and hotels of all categories which ensure a warm and comfortable visit for every visitor.

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