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Dock in Absolute

this is Preveza Jazz Festival 2024 Playlist 

Thursday, May 30
Seaside Pedestrian street, Jazz. Start time 21:00


Armonia Choir 

Since 1969, the Choral Society "Armonia" of Preveza, founded by conductor Andronikos Kourouklis and a group of music enthusiasts, has championed choral music locally and globally. Central to its mission is the renowned International Choral Festival of Preveza, now in its 45th edition, hosting over 400 choirs worldwide and boasting esteemed personalities on its International Jury Committee. Supported by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, the Regional Unit of Preveza, and the Municipality of Preveza, the festival maintains high artistic standards and integrity. Alongside the festival, the Children's Choir "Armonia," established in 1983, educates and inspires young singers under the direction of Mrs. Anelia Stefanova since 2016. With a legacy of excellence under conductors Stavros Solomos and Valentin Stefanov, the choir continues to nurture talent, promote musical education, and enrich the cultural landscape of Preveza

Dock In Absolute

Dock In Absolute is a young and talented 3-piece band hailing from Luxembourg. With many years of experience, they have established themselves as a staple in the local Jazz music scene, known for their unique blend of Progressive Rock Jazz or Neo Jazz with piano, electric bass and drums.
Their live performances are a must-see, as they showcase their exceptional musicianship and captivating stage presence. 

Dock In Absolute has also been named twice music:LX export artist of the year and the N.1 discovery artist of the year by
Jazznews and their latest album belongs to the "100 Greatest Albums of the year" by the Jazzit Magazine Awards.
They are having a successful international tour and released 3 albums under CAM JAZZ. 
Dock In Absolute has performed at several notable venues in the area, receiving praise from both audiences and critics alike.

Their fresh approach to jazz allows them to push boundaries, to touch a wide audience and to explore the potential of new unique wave of sounds while adding strength to the jazz field.


Nils Landgren Funk Unit

Nils Landgren – trombone & vocals
Magnum Coltrane Price – bass, vocals & additional keyboards
Jonas Wall – tenor saxophone & vocals
Andy Pfeiler – guitar & vocals
Petter Bergander – keyboards & vocals
Robert Ikiz – drums

Back in 1994 when Nils Landgren started up his Funk Unit, there were those who asked whether there was actually any need for Swedish funk. After seventeen years, ten albums and several hundreds of concerts, the question has basically answered itself: to find the most fired-up take on this music anywhere, a sound which is inextricably welded into soul, rhythm and blues and jazz, and in which all of the instruments –
and the vocals too – have an irresistible rhythmic urgency about them, this is definitely the band to see and hear. And if one turns to the pioneers, godfathers and grandees of the funk world – Maceo Parker and Fred Wesley, the musical prime movers behind James Brown, Ray Parker Jr., or Joe Sample from the Crusaders – then there’s no need to look any further: each and every one of them has played with the
Funk Unit.

Friday, May 31  

Seaside Pedestrian street, Jazz. Start time 21:00


The Jazz Ensemble of the Music School of Preveza

Papamichail-Pappa Androniki: Tenor Saxophone Jimas Charis, Makris Christos, Tsolis Pavlos: Alto Saxophone Kainourgiou Andrianna: Flute - Vocals Xanthoudaki Artemis-Elpida: Vocals Sakkas Miltos: Drums Koronaios Christos: Electric Bass Fotiadou Chrysavgi: Electric Guitar

Responsible Instructor: Smaraidou Giota



Gent Rushi (piano, electric piano, accordion) Ermal Rodi (saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, Albanian flute-duduk) Emiljan Dhimo (drums, percussion) Roni Gjura (double bass, electric bass)

The quartet of the Albanian Jazz Society (AJS), as indicated by its initials, stands as one of the foremost and most popular jazz groups in our neighboring Albania. With a decade-long experience, the group seamlessly blends the European jazz tradition with the sounds and rhythms of the Balkans, enriched and infused with the necessary dynamic energy required to distinguish their music both in our Balkan neighborhood and on the European stage, even finding success in China during their visits.

As founders of the AJS, the members of the group, besides their active presence in Albania's educational music scene at the University of Arts in Tirana, have also established the annual festival "Balkan Jazz ShowCase" and released albums such as "JalbaniaZZ" and "Kaba Project".

Anchor 1


Marlon Bösherz: Double Bass, Vocals

Alexander Niermann: Trumpet

Jörg Buttler: Guitar

Lucius Nawothnig: Piano

Tom Hellenthal: Drums

Jakob Jentgens: Saxophone

Max Wehner: Trombone

Boticelli Baby is a punk-jazz group from the Ruhr area of Germany, a region with a rich tradition of bold jazz expressions and experimentation, dating back to the era of free jazz in the late '60s. The genre of punk-jazz has been cultivated since the 1980s, but each artist brings their own definition and content to it. Evaluating their debut album, "Junk," released in 2015, Boticelli Baby's music is characterized by high-energy jazz that transcends individual genres. It may incorporate elements of mainstream jazz, colors and rhythms of the Balkans, actions from free jazz, nods to folk, and distinctly punk rock vocals. They have already gained a following in clubs and festivals across Europe.

Kopie von Botticelli_Baby_(c)_Martin_Hinse4-min.jpg

Saturday, June 1

Seaside Pedestrian street. Start time 21:00


 Product may contain



Filip Botor - bass, composition
Tymon Kosma - vibraphone
Mateusz Borgiel - percussion

"Product May Contain" is an award-winning (Grand Prix at Jazz nad Odrą 2023) Polish trio of young, adventurous musicians, whose main goal is to create simultaneously tight and expansive spaces, exciting and full of youthful energy. Their wide range of influences includes traces of folk, ambient, improvised, and chamber music - combined with the unique sonic capabilities of the vibraphone, double bass, and ethnic percussion (including indoor plants). The result is an original and personal narrative about finding beauty in the ambiguity of our turbulent times.

Maria Farantouri
David Lynch - Takis Farazis


The enchanting Maria Farantouri, a living legend in our city! She will perform unique works by Greek composers and poets: joining her, the eminent soloists Takis Farazis on piano and David Lynch on wind instruments.

Maria Farantouri has established herself as the "ideal interpreter" of Mikis Theodorakis and has been a driving force in the movement for the revival of Greek music. With her rich contralto voice, wide range, and melodic quality, combined with her exceptional dramatic expression, she embodies the most authentic expression of Greek art song.

Having fought against the dictatorial regime, Maria Farantouri has given thousands of concerts worldwide and has received enthusiastic reviews.

With awards and accolades, as well as a plethora of collaborations and outstanding performances, Maria Farantouri continues to be one of the leading figures globally, incorporating the past, present, and future of Greek music into her work.


Sunday, June 2
Seaside Pedestrian street, Jazz. Start time: 21:00


Jazz Express - Ελλάδα

"Franky meets Ella on the Orient Express" - "The 3rd Act"
the successful musical tribute to Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald by Jazz Express

Francis Albert grew up in Hoboken, New Jersey, while Ella Jane in the small town of Yonkers, just a few miles north, on the banks of the Hudson River. Francis was the son of Italian immigrants, and Ella was a descendant of slaves from the southern United States. Their careers ran parallel, with Francis Albert achieving 150 million record sales and 13 Grammy Awards for Ella Jane.

From the 1940s until today, their unique interpretations and timeless compositions of the great American tradition captivate and enchant us. Rediscovered time and time again by each new generation, who adopts them and considers them their own discovery and heritage.

Shantel & Bucovina Club Soundsystem ft Thomas Konstantinou

Marcus Ghoreischian

Christoph Michalsky

From Frankfurt, Shantel, the unique and talented DJ, producer, composer, and performer, who has conquered the world with his explosive blend of music in a Balkan disco party, will energize the audience in collaboration with our own Thomas Konstantinou!

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